Coast Village

Coast Village Google Earth Why would I want to live in Coast Village? Coast Village is not only a unique development in the city of Florence, but quite possibly on the entire Oregon coast. You don’t have to take my word for it – the city of Florence states this in their zoning for Coast Village. “…it is a unique residential community that allows a blend of recreational vehicles and conventional single-family homes, surrounded by greenbelt buffers between each lot to maintain a park-like setting.”

Coast Village currently has full-time motor coaches, travel trailers, park models, mobile homes, manufactured homes, and stick built homes. We also have lots that individuals use on a seasonal basis to escape the heat or cold of their respective full-time residences. Coast Village is an oasis within the boundaries of Florence.

Clubhouse EntranceCoast Village Property Owners Corporation (CVPOC) was created by the owners of Coast Village to support the “membership” by providing and maintaining various utilities and infrastructure. The Corporation’s maintenance department also keeps the park and its recreational facilities clean. CVPOC also insures that the development’s finances are maintained according to State and Federal mandates. Finally, CVPOC oversees the park using membership approved Bi-laws and CC&Rs, and Rules and Regulations derived from same. If you are interested in our governing documents you will find all of them and more in the “Governing Documents” tab.

Our greenbelts are a very important key feature to the Coast Village uniqueness. We have a requirement of 5 feet in from the property line on the sides and rear of the lot be used for greenbelts only. Nothing else is permitted in this area. This does reduce the usable size of the lot, but is well worth it.

Dollar SignAs of January 2024, Coast Village’s annual assessment is $2700.00 ($225.00/month). This assessment can be paid in the following increments: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or any whole increment you wish. The dues include water, sewer, garbage collection, and access to the recreational facilities.