Coast Village

History Timeline for Coast Village

1970          Coast Village Campground created as a private campground owned by Bohemia Lumber Company.
1970          Lot sales began and the first CC&Rs were estabilished.
1972          Lot sales of the final addition advertised.
1983          Coast Village Campground common areas sold to Mr. and Mrs. Nordahl.
1986          Coast Village Campground common are sold to Mr. and Mrs. Schumacher.
1988          Eight members formulated plans to buy the common areas and created the Coast Village Campground Property Owners Corporation (CVCPOC).
1991          CVCPOC purchased the common areas from the Schumachers.
1992          CVCPOC changed to CVPOC (“Campground” was dropped).
1992          Coast Village logo approved.
1993          Lot owners sued CVPOC for “illegal activity” and lost. Cost CVPOV $60,000 in attorney’s fees.
1994          City of Florence changed block and lot address to current numbered street address for emergency 911 response purposes.
1995          Spruce Street was put in and created the East and West portions on Coast Village moving the main entrance from Hwy 101 to Spruce Street.
1997          CC&Rs were rewritten and adopted.
2012          The City of Florence created “Coast Village District (CV)” zoning specifically for Coast Village.
2015          Park Operations Manager was hired to relieve volunteer President from daily operations.
2023          Coast Village old logo replaced with new logo by majority vote at Annual Meeting.