Coast Village

The meeting was called to order at 10:02 am in the Sand Lot Room.  A quorum was established, with all board members present.  11 lot owners were in the audience.   The minutes of the March meeting were read and corrected.


Treasurer’s report stated that we have a total of $148,368.03 in the bank.

Facilities report stated that:

  1. The newly designed newsletter is actually less expensive to produce than the previous design. Any member may submit material for the newsletter by email at or by dropping a submission off at the Office.  It was also brought up that the staples do NOT exclude the newsletter from recycling.
  2. If more than two or three people are interested in keeping the pool open for late swimming, it will be taken under consideration.
  3. In event of a power failure, purchasing generators to run our pump stations would be cost prohibitive, and other possibilities are being looked into.
  4. Fine procedure for improper items in the recycling bins was discussed and that there are trashcans next to the maintenance shed for trash. The bear bins are for use of “smelly” garbage and by lot owners who are not here to put their trash out on trash day.

ARC report was read.  Discussion mentioned that the City can issue a demolition permit if a structure is removed from a lot, thereby reducing the county property tax.

Activities report stated the all of the members had retired, but Elsie will continue to host coffee and donuts.  Individual lot owners may request to host a specific event.  The Activities Committee funds will be managed by the Facilities Manager.  Any request over $200 requires approval of the Treasurer.

Elections committee stated that the CC&R ballots will be opened and counted on the next Thursday.  (Note: The CC&R amendment failed.)


  1. An aggressive dog fine was appealed and reduced due to the lot owner’s actions to permanently remedy the situation.
  2. There was discussion about a lot not paying the dues and how to handle it. Discussion was tabled until Executive Session as personal issues need to be discussed.


  1. An amendment to the 2023 Annual Meeting minutes was approved due to incorrect dates mentioned.
  2. The Complaint process in the Rules & Regulations was revised to:

All complaints must be in writing on a complaint form and submitted to the Coast Village office.  Written complaints will be reviewed by the Facilities Manager, who will address any facility-related complaints and emergencies.  All others will be distributed to a three director team.  The team will investigate and inform the Facilities Manager of resolution.  The person filing the complaint shall receive confirmation of the complaint receipt and current disposition within 2 business days by the facilities manager and then be notified of final resolution when completed.  If a fine is warranted, the FM will sign and send the appropriate letter.

The three director team and the FM will consult and create a complaints report to be presented at each BOD meeting.  The report shall consist of a summary of the types of complaints, action taken/disposition, and total of any fines assessed.  No individuals or lots shall be referenced.  The report will be published in the following newsletter.  Handling and documenting of the complaint forms as provided in the Office procedural handbook.

Greenbelt complaints (written or verbal) requiring immediate action shall be directed to the FM, who will investigate and determine the appropriate action.

  1. A complaint report was looked at, but no actions were needed.
  2. The 2024-2025 Operations and Reserve budgets were explained (copies were available and can be requested at the Office). The Board approved the budgets.  There will not be a dues increase for these budgets!!!
  3. Hyak submitted contracts for access and easements in Coast Village to install high speed fiber internet. The Board approved these.  There was some additional discussion regarding Hyak easements and responsibility for any damages.  Hyak is responsible for any damage to CV common property; any damage to private property will be between the lot owner and Hyak through separate contracts.  Knowing where utilities are on private lots is the lot owner’s responsibility.


  1. Discussion about vetting potential buyers interested in purchasing a lot in Coast Village. This will require extensive research and legal counsel in order to proceed.
  2. Discussion about better communication between the Board and lot owners. Meeting minutes are published in the newsletter after approval and can take up to 2 to 3 months to be published.  The Secretary offered to create a summary of the meeting, while producing the minutes, that will be reviewed by the Facilities Manager and then published on Facebook, the website, and newsletter.  This way lot owners can see what the Board is doing within weeks of the meeting, not months.  (This is what you are reading now.)
  3. Discussion about limiting rentals in Coast Village. We already restrict short-term rentals (30 days or less), but to enforce any additional restrictions will require a CC&R amendment with a 75% approval of ALL lot owners.
  4. The scribe announced that she was resigning.
  5. Discussion about the harassment statement passed at the 2023 Annual Meeting not being the best way to handle some situations. Research will be done and it will be re-addressed at the 2024 Annual Meeting.  As this is not a decision that should be made with minimal discussion time at a meeting, the topic will be announced on Facebook, the newsletter, and website prior to the Annual Meeting so lot owners can be more informed about making the decision.
  6. Some discussion about a neighbor-to-neighbor dispute that has been going on for a while.

The Board went into Executive Session for 20 minutes and then returned to the open meeting.

  1. The Board approved taking action against the lot not paying their dues as discussed in Executive Session.
  2. A discussion continued out of Executive Session about CV employees being addressed and/or harassed by residents. A fine was passed of $50 for inappropriate conduct towards CVPOC employees.
  3. There was discussion about suspending any further harassment complaint decisions until the matter is discussed at the Annual Meeting.
  4. A lot owner requested an appeal of a harassment fine, but as it was well beyond the 30-day appeal deadline nothing could be done.

Meeting adjourned at 1:16 pm.