Coast Village


This is not the official meeting minutes.  This is an unofficial summary prepared by Board Secretary Glenn Singley for the benefit of all Lot Owners.

(First, I would like to thank our new scribe, Cristal Flores, for getting the meeting notes to me so quickly.)

The meeting was called to order at 10:03 am in the Sandlot Room.  A quorum was established, with 5 board members present.  Roger and Nancy were absent.  11 lot owners were in the audience.   The minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer report stated that we have a total of $149,291.10 in the bank.

Facilities Manager report included:

  • Rumors that Hyak had been sold are false, they just got some new investors.
  • We are training a new contract labor person for evening and weekend processes.
  • The insurance company that covers all of the corporation’s matters is raising our rates and wants to inspect the common property. We are looking at other alternatives.
  • There is an 11% increase in the fees we pay for our garbage disposal.
  • We had a workplace injury that was covered by our insurance. The employee is recovering very well.
  • Initial inquiries into upgrading our security access system (just key codes and card access, not front gate replacement) are in the $14,000 to $20,000 range; not very practicable at this point.
  • Updating our electronic storage and communication is being tested and looks very promising.
  • There will be a Coast Village BBQ on July 29 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.
  • We will be building a small retaining wall around a manhole cover on Easy Street.
  • If the weather warms up, we’ll start some road patching.
  • Our sewer treatment with Dukes Root Control is going well. In 2026 we will have another treatment that will extend the warranty period.
  • Sewer pump station #5, at the end of Sailor Lane, is having some issues and may need to be updated to the new pump setup.
  • We are continuing to update our infrastructure mapping as we find new items.
  • We will increase removing dead vegetation from common property for the insurance company inspection to mitigate fire hazards.
  • Some upcoming projects include repairing and painting the back exterior of the laundry/mailroom, repairing the maintenance sheds, entrance gate loop replacement, painting the office interior, garden area new gate installation, and emergency preparedness for long-term power failures.

There was no ARC report submitted.

There is no Activities Committee to submit a report, but Elsie emailed that the Monday coffee and donuts went well.

Noel submitted an Elections report that was read by Dave stating that there are four submissions for Directors, with more expected by the June 17th deadline.

There were no Actions Without a Meeting.


  1. Complaints report was read. Seven complaints were received:  One about feeding wild animals, one about neighbor harassment, one about criminal trespass, and four about the unsightly appearance of several lots.  Multiple letters were sent and no fines were assessed.
  2. Vetting new owners was discussed in detail at the workshop. It does not seem likely that we can do much about vetting new owners, but a Board member said that they will do some more research into the topic.


  1. The 11% garbage cost increase had been discussed during the Facilities Manager report, but there was a discussion about “Everything to the Dump (ETTD)” days. Having one in the winter is not cost effective as much of the loads are saturated with water, increasing the cost (why pay to throw away water?).  There was a motion to limit the ETTD to once per year, but as the Rules & Regulations say it is up to the Manager’s discretion (once, twice, never); the motion was dropped.  It was also stated that the garbage collection after Thanksgiving and Christmas would not include the fees for additional cans.
  2. There was much discussion about water usage within Coast Village. When the water project was approved, it was understood that the meters would not be used to charge for water.  It was brought up that we could possibly charge for excessive usage of water.  Data would have to be collected over a year to determine an “average” usage, and then lots that use excessive amounts of water would be charged a fee.  Water usage by the Corporation (common property including the pool, bathhouses, watering, etc.) was suggested as probably being a majority of the water bill.  Our water consumption since the meters have been installed has dropped due to identifying leaks, which was the original intension of the meters.  A lot owner who lives in the city stated that their water bill is $118/month whether they use any water or not.  A Board member stated that the average American uses about 200 gallons of water per day, per person, and that their two-person household only uses 50 gallons per day for the both of them, which includes watering the greenbelt and garden, doing laundry, and other normal water usage activities.  The discussion ended that maybe we are making more of the water usage situation than needs be.  If our water bill increases, it will be dealt with in the budget.


  1. There was a discussion about the complaints process and whether the Board should rely on complaints or identify violations and enforce the CC&Rs themselves without being overbearing. By filing a complaint the situation has to be addressed, but the Board (management) should do a better job on obvious violations.  The discussion continued on about junk vehicles.  Our Rules & Regulations prohibit non-operational, unsightly vehicles being stored on a lot.  Management will identify potential junk vehicles and send letters explaining the rules.
  2. There was a discussion about whether a lot owner who has someone staying with them in their dwelling or guest house and is NOT a renter should register that person with the Office. (All renters must be registered with the Office and follow all of the Rental Policies in the Rules & Regulations).  This could be a violation of privacy, but could also be a safety concern.  No outcome was reached.
  3. Photographs were presented of multiple lots that are unsightly and not well kept. The majority are owned by one person.  There was much heated discussion among some of the audience members about the appearance of the lots and why they are that way.  Management will send the lot owner a letter giving them 30 days to straighten up the lots or fines will be assessed.
  4. There was a discussion about increased security at the front gates concerning who is coming in. Due to the cost mentioned in the Facilities Manager’s report and that people can merely walk around our gates, there is no simple solution.
  5. The question was raised about “What is a Nuisance?”. A lot owner expressed concern over a problem with a neighbor that has been ongoing for years and will file another complaint.
  6. A lot owner brought up that there was a street light out at the East entrance and that there has been a white car driving the wrong direction and then entering the West side.
  7. An ARC fence application was brought up that was missed due to no ARC report. The Board deferred it to an Action Without a Meeting so an additional ARC member could review the application.

The meeting adjourned at 12:49 pm.