Real Estate for sale in Coast Village

Below are some local realtors with Coast Village specific listings on their websites. They should all have the same MLS listings but may present the information in different ways.
Coast Village does not endorse any of these companies or individual realtors. The links are provided for your convenience to find Coast Village properties without having to sort through all of Florence, Oregon, listings.
There may be some properties "For Sale By Owner" in Coast Village as well. Office staff are aware of these properties, which may or may not be on our website under the "For Sale" tab on the left menu.

Please keep in mind when looking at property in Coast Village that we are very proud of our greenbelts and privacy. Greenbelts may not be removed and may need to be replaced by a new owner if they had been removed in the past. Click here for additional information.

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Coldwell Banker


Hybrid Real Estate