Click HERE for the latest Greenbelt update. October 26, 2021

If you plan on cutting down any trees, please read this notice!

New financial information is now available online under the Login tab on left then under CVPOC Financials.

Contact the office for user name and password.

CVPOC Board Meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10 AM via Zoom Video Meeting platform. Workshops are held on the Wednesday at 10 AM prior to the meetings (same Zoom platform).

Have an ARC or Non-ARC complaint?

You can download complaint forms from the "Forms" tab on the left side menu of this website.

Please note: Your name will be removed from the complaint form and either retained or destroyed depending on whether or not you wish to be notified of the resolution.

We still need more volunteers for the Activities Committee. Any residents who would like to volunteer or suggest events (bingo, cards games, board games, etc.), please stop by the office or call 541.997.3312.