CV History

Coast Village is currently going through our files to bring our history current.  If you have anything regarding the history of Coast Village... especially pictures; please, e-mail or mail them to us.
We'll post them here.

If you see any discrepancies, please let us know by emailing us.

The first 20 years


Below is probably one of the first flyers for Coast Village

Another Coast Village Brochure

Click on image to enlarge

Above brochure courtesy Ila Mae Robinson

Here is a hand drawn map from 1984 found in the CV Office.

It measures approx. 5 feet x 3 feet.

Click on, or hover over, the map to enlarge.

Notice that Spruce Street is not going through the Village.

Does anyone know how old this Huckleberry Lane sign is? Is it one of the original road signs?

Update: One opinion is that this was a one-off sign made by a property owner.

Please email us if you have any information.

CV Campground Jacket

This is a jacket that was given to all original campsite owners in the 1970's.